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Dec. 12/2015 -  

We have received our new batting supplies.  We expect to have a new series of quilt "kits" (top, batting and backing) ready for our January 2016 Guild meeting ... as we have in excess of 15 tops awaiting kitting up! 

We will be looking for volunteers to lend their quilting talents! 

What can you do?  

1.  Make a top -- from your stash (check the tab for size requirements) OR from one of our soon-to-be-available "TOP KITS" (these are all those Block submissions that have been coming in monthly).

2.  Quilt a Sandwich:  We really appreciate the enthusiastic support of our Guild's long-arm quilters!  Yet, they shouldn't bear the burden of completing these projects for the rest of us.  The ‘comfort quilt’ size is also perfect for home machine quilting and is a great way for novice and intermediate quilters to ‘test-drive’ or hone their skills.  We encourage those of you wanting to tackle hand-quilting or tying these quilts, as well.  Finished quilts are the goal -- whatever the means by which we achieve that end result.  

3.  Bind It:  There's an eager group of "BINDING BEAVERS" awaiting some projects to finish.  We're hopeful that there will be some completed quilt tops making an appearance early in the New Year, so that we can send them home for the final stages of completion.

So, please consider stopping by the Community Outreach Tables and picking up a project in January.

How long can you take to complete it?  

Obviously, we hope for the speediest turn-around that you can fashion.  On the other hand, life sometimes gets in the way of best intentions ... so work at your own pace -- just keep us informed as to how you're making out and give us a target completion time.  (We'll be happy to post you a friendly reminder!)

We will be making our next delivery at the end of March, 2016 and our last delivery (for 2015-16) at the June, 2016 Guild meeting. 


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