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Royal City Quilters' Guild Standing Rules

Update/Revised October 2014


  1. Guild Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month from September to June.
  2. The annual membership fee will be $40 per person. New members joining after February 1st will be charged a reduced fee of $25 for the balance of the term. A junior membership (age 16 and under) will be $25.
  3. Guest fees for Guild meetings will be $5. When a meeting includes a special guest speaker, guest fees will be determined at the discretion of the Executive.
  4. The Guild will maintain a bank account. The bank account is presently situated at the TD Canada Trust Branch on the corner of Edinburgh and Stone Road, Guelph.
  5. All Guild cheques will require two signatures, the Treasurer plus either the President or Vice-President.
  6. The Guild will have a post office box in a central location. Presently it is situated at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Eramosa Road, Guelph.
  7. The position of “Past Treasurer” has been created in the event that the current Treasurer is unable to carry out the duties. The Past Treasurer does not have signing authority and will only attend Executive meetings when the current Treasurer is absent


  1. If a member chooses to be a “newsletter only member”, that member will pay one half of a full annual guild membership. That member will not receive a guild membership card or library card.
  2. Paid advertisements will not be run in the Guild newsletter. Once a year, e.g. November, a Business Directory of guild members’ businesses (quilting or not) will be published in the Newsletter. This will not be a specific advertisement but will be a list of the businesses with name, location, contact information and a short comment on the business itself.
  3. Any member who does not renew his/her membership by the October meeting will be dropped from the mailing list.
  4. The guild requires each member submitting quilt items into the upcoming Guild Quilt Show to be a member in good standing.


  1. Minutes of the Executive meeting will be sent to the President, Vice President and Newsletter Chair by email within seven days following the Executive meeting.
  2. A quorum for the transaction of business at the Executive meetings shall be 50% plus one of the elected officers of the Guild.
  3. At the beginning of each program year, the Executive will approve a budget for each committee to use in carrying out its Guild responsibilities. If additional funds are required throughout the year, the Committee Chair must apply to the Executive for the needed funds.
  4. In the case of a Standing Committee with Co-Chairs, they must declare to the Secretary at the beginning of each Executive meeting who will be the voting member. Both are welcome to attend Executive meetings and receive the minutes.
  5. Major motions affecting Guild members that are passed at Executive meetings will be published in the newsletter. The President or Secretary will provide the specific newsletter submission to the Newsletter Editor in writing.
  6. Get Well and Sympathy cards will be sent by the Secretary or President at their discretion.
  7. The immediate Past President, in conjunction with the Secretary, shall revise and update the Guild Standing Rules annually. The revision will be completed by the October Executive meeting so that the Standing Rules can be published in the November newsletter.
  8. The Nominating Committee will function all year. Prospective Executive members will commit to attend the majority of Executive meetings during their term of office.
  9. Urgent Decision Protocol: The President, or in his/her absence the Vice-President, will consult with the Vice-President and the Past President to decide if the issue is urgent. When it is deemed urgent, and a consensus has been reached on how to handle the situation, the member or members who have brought forward the situation will be notified of the decision. At the next executive meeting, the President, or in his/her absence the Vice-President, will notify the other Executive members of the circumstances pertaining to the matter and the decision that was reached to address or resolve it.
  10. In the event of inclement weather, the President, or in his/her absence the Vice-President, and the Program Chair will confer and make a decision about cancelling a Guild meeting in sufficient time to send out a mass email and notify CJOY of the cancellation. The Newsletter or Membership Chair will be asked to send out the mass email.


  1. If a speaker is selling merchandise, the Guild will not pay mileage or a speaker’s fee. In this instance, an honorarium may be given to a vendor/speaker at the discretion of the Executive. This decision will be made at an executive meeting prior to the speaker’s visit. The contract/letter sent to a speaker (who is not a vendor) will stipulate the mileage amount to be paid and the speaker will have agreed to this at the time of booking. Fees for guild speakers will be determined by the Program Chair and will fall within the Program’s budget.
  2. Guild members teaching workshops for the Guild will be paid a minimum of $25 per hour.
  3. Fees for Guild workshops will be established by the number of attendees and the cost of both the room rental and the instructor’s fees.
  4. Workshop Committee members may participate in workshops without paying the registration fee (only if there is space permitting). If space is not available, Workshop Committee members (other than the Chair who will be present) may audit the class. The number of Workshop Committee members at the class is subject to the discretion of the Chair/Co-Chairs. Additional fees, such as kits and extra materials, must be purchased by the participating Workshop Committee members.


  1. The Library shall charge a late fee of $1 per item per month for overdue items. Members must pay to replace items that have been damaged or lost.
  2. Canadian Tire money will be collected and used towards the purchase of miscellaneous supplies (i.e. extension cords, irons or other incidental materials).

Meeting Program