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What more can I honestly say?  We have such a great Guild ... all you have to do is ask and the response just pours in!  Just look at the numbers that we posted at the end of the December 2015 Guild night:

SEXUAL ABUSE & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE UNIT (Comfort Quilts)  There were an additional 9 quilts received this month and that means we will be delivering a whopping 23 quilts before the end of next week.  The holidays can trigger strong emotions and that, unfortunately, can result in a hospital visit for the unlucky recipient of those outbursts.  The Unit is eager for the replenishment supplies and we've got a wonderful selection of beautiful designs to take in.

BIRTHING UNIT (Memory Quilts) In November, Joan Hett spoke about the 'gift of a memory' - a tool with which parents can grieve the loss of their child, every time they see or touch the memory quilt.  After our focus at Bee Day, we had 42 of these pint-sized quilts on hand, but an additional 3 were brought in this month, so Joan will be taking 45 quilts to the hospital next week!

MICHAEL HOUSE:  Maureen Cassidy (Program Development Manager) was present to receive a bounty of gifts in December:  5 crib quilts; 5 receiving blankets; 24 burp pads and 2 cap & bootie sets to take back, in time for a Resident & Past Resident Christmas party -- with lots of little people in the house.  Maureen let us know that the new Support Residence (Bristol Street) has just opened and following our Tuesday meeting, we found that we had been given 5 larger bed-sized quilts (twin and double) ... so these will be provided to the new home as "Welcome" gifts for the first residents' beds.

SYRIAN FAMILY SUPPORT:  The first immigrants arrived on Canadian soil this week ... it is expected that several thousand more will be here before the beginning of the New Year.  We don't know how many of these family units will arrive in Guelph ... but the target is 50 families!!  We asked for your contributions of hats, mitts and scarves and you responded!  A large bag of these winter weather necessities will be delivered to the Salvation Army during the first week in January -- when a team will be assembling and sorting other donations into age & size-appropriate groupings.


REGISTRATION BLOCKS:  Over 70% of our Guild membership participated in this first block drive.  AND, I'm happy to report that we've received almost all of the kits back (96%) and that's enough to finish pulling together TOP KITS, for volunteers to construct into another 6 Quilt Tops (3 were already completed at Bee Day).  Look for these kits, beginning in January.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH:  While we have about 30% of the Guild participating in this program ... the productivity we are getting is equal to 3X that amount, due to the enthusiastic purging of your stashes and the submissions of so many 'extra' blocks!  There are at least 3 quilt tops, from this effort, that will be ready for quilting in the New Year and we expect several more to arrive in the next couple of weeks!

AND SO, with my most heartfelt appreciation, I say THANK-YOU!

On behalf of my wonderful Community Outreach Team, I want to wish each of you the very best for the holidays -- enjoy the festivities, be safe and we'll see you in the New Year!    --- Cherylwink

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